51 NSFKs Coffee Cups For The Caffeine Addicted Edgy Mom (Warning: Foul Language Ahead)

51 NSFKs or Work for that matter, Coffee Cups For the Caffeine Addicted Mom Who Loves Foul Language.


My addiction to coffee, runs deep.  But, let’s not forget the second most important part of the coffee experience. The vessel that holds it, for without it you would have some series third degree burns.

There is something about NSFKs (not safe for kids) coffee cups that makes me smile. It’s a chance to remind myself that I was/am ME not just a Mom! The Pre-Mom me, loved all things edgy and a tad bit controversial. Truth be told I still do, but I’ve had to censor out a lot of that part of me since becoming a Mother. Nothing screams self-expression like a coffee cup, maybe that’s the attraction for me.

While I was browsing my personal wish list I thought it’d be fun to share my favorites. The thing is, I am so oppressed in my love for foul language that I happen to have a lot of favorites 51 to be exact. All of my mugs now are Christmas themed/child appropriate, but I’ve decided to stop hoarding the ones I want and start adding them to my collection. My 5 year old can’t read yet, and when she does I’ll save them for when she is off at school.

If you get offended easily by the use of the F word, turn back now.

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51 NSFKs or Work for that matter, Coffee Cups For the Caffeine Addicted Mom Who Loves Foul Language

Yes, Yes I am magical

The only way to go about it!
Sometimes I wonder if 11am is too early to start

When I am feeling sneaky – or not sneaky 
So, true! Mother knows best

Too bad no one every pays attention to this detail 
Pretty much an everyday recipe
Yep -yep 
It’s true, I have withdraws when I am not on it
Mombod for the Win

Living life in a fairy tale 
Can’t tell you how often this happens
Can someones explain this to my kids?
Especially at 5am



It’s the only way to travel 
If my oldest knew what the finger was, I am pretty sure this would be her anthem
I try

With a group of children running in and out the bath room
Sums me up perfectly 

For those days that I am not feeling it
Pretty much everyday 
Cook it in the oven and it’s ready in no time
Some days, you just need this
Don’t talk to me before 
For real, 16 year old me knew nothing
Now, if I could only make me family see it 
Like 90% of the things that are said in my house
Um. no you can’t have ice cream for breakfast

Cats, so cute
Who has time for it any day?
When I miss my BFF
Just watch out for sharks

Ha, this is never going to be my reality. I can fake it thought, right?
I’ll never tell. Oh, wait..
Every woman needs this


Nothing like a book to go with your coffee

For when everyone is off the chain 
I wipe butts all day 
Maybe a little worse than a Gilmore

Everyday Goal
No sick days here
For when I need to make a point 
Or loud people in the mornings

ALWAYS remember this


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