7 Additional Uses For Lanolin

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Let’s talk about lanolin. You know, that amazing salve that keeps you sane for the first few weeks of breastfeeding? It was a must have with both of my children and helped me keep the tears at bay. My nights were often spent cradling my lanolin. I’d whisper sweet words and promise to leave my significant other if it would just take the pain away. (this is not an exaggeration, though I wish it was)

Everyone kept telling me that nursing shouldn’t hurt or that I shouldn’t be cracked and bleeding. Which, is all fine and dandy, but that was not the case for me. I was always half a second away from going full on American Gladiator whenever anyone brought it up. Like I enjoyed being in pain…

Breastmilk + Lanolin after a feeding were the components that kept me nursing as long as I did.

Finished breastfeeding or in the process of weaning off of breastfeeding? Keep that left over tube of Lanolin for eczema treatment, minor cuts and scraps, treat wind burn and more.But, that’s a different story for a different time. Let’s just say breastfeeding was NOT the most natural thing in the world for me.

After I stopped nursing my first I still had a half of a tube left ( a little goes a long way).  I felt guilty at the thought of throwing it out, after all it had been by my side in my time of need! I had no clue what else I was going to do with a cream for, dare I say it.. nipples!

Unable to make up my mind I did the most natural thing I could think of; throw it in a drawer and worry about it later. It sat there for a year of course. Then Jade got a serious case of toddler chapped lips and being so little I really didn’t want to use Chapstick. While I was searching through the bathroom drawers I saw the lanolin and that’s all she wrote.

Note: I’ve always used the Medela brand lanolin since 2011, and this post applies to it. I am not sure how other brands perform. This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Medela. 

Did you know?

It does NOT expire

I don’t know if y’all have ever noticed, but there is no expiration date on Medela Tender Care Lanolin. I have always wondered about this, I contacted Medela directly and received this response:

“The Tender Care Lanolin has no expiration date. It does not become less effective with age. It may slightly change in color at most.  I hope this information helps out!”

Which is great news, since I used a tube that was 2 years old!

It’s hypoallergenic & Safe if consumed

This is one of the big positives for me. I don’t want my children eating chemicals, if I can control it. You know how it is when they’re little, they lick/eat everything! You lotion them after a bath and a hand is in their mouth five minutes later. You put something on their face and they smear it in their mouth. I’d rather them eat lanolin.

7 Uses For Lanolin After Your Tatas Are Done With It

 Chapped Lips

It works wonders on chapped lips and it’s fantastic for younger children. I still use it on Jade and she’s 5 now.

☆ Pacifier Chap/Rash

If your little one takes a binkie, as they are called in my house then you know what I am referring to here. That rash from all the spit and friction from the plastic on your peanuts face.

☆ Wind burn

Soothes their little cheeks and if they rub their little hand all over their face it’s not toxic!

☆ General Eczema

You could use it as an after bath lotion (a little goes a long way) or just on a patch that is flaring up.

☆ Diaper Rash

Heals a sore bottom in no time. Nothing is worse than the antibiotic runs and it’s awful on their butts. Lanolin works way better than any diaper rash cream.

☆ Cracked/Chapped hands

Have a winter baby? Then you KNOW the pain of cracked and bleeding hands from the excessive handwashing. It works great and if you get it on your little snicker-doodle no worries!

☆ Minor scraps

I am pretty sure I own one of the most clumsiest children. Jade falls all the time, she trips over her own feet while standing still. Scrapped knees are a common aliment in my house and I often use lanolin.

Moral of this post.. Don’t toss out unused lanolin! Use it even when your Tatas are done with it.

Do you use lanolin at home? Love it or hate it? What are some of your breastfeeding must haves?

All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, for more info click here. You’re support is awesome and my whole family and I Thank You! Let’s be honest, we all need to make money to live. I love a good dumpster dive as much as the next girl.


  1. Wow I’m glad I read this. I have two tubes sitting in my drawer that I was going to throw out. But I hate to waste things! Definitely going to try on my sons cheeks as he has eczema there pretty often. Great post!

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