Behind The Bun

Welcome To Messy Mom Bun!

Here you’ll find resources for work at home jobs that do not require a phone! Parenting & pregnancy, frugal living, product reviews and recipes. Which, include rants, raves, tips & tricks to staying sane while running a household and working from home. I’m officially living the Mom life, and have been rocking a Messy Mom Bun since 2011, literally. If you’d like to add to the insanity I am always looking for guest bloggers!

A little about myself

My name is Jacqui, I am a thirty-something Mom to two girls (Jade 5 and our newest addition Rayne born Oct 2016). I rarely leave my house for non-errand duties and drink a lot of coffee. I LOVE tattoos and self expression, I also enjoy swearing, reading and wine in my kid free time.

I have been a work at home Mom for about 6 years now. The birth of my first child pushed me to find something I could do to bring in some bacon and take care of her. I’m not gonna lie, it took me a few months to find something substantial enough to met our families financial needs. But, I did and it worked out great!

Now, I am ready for something new. I’ve attempted to blog on and off over the years and have “failed” for various reasons (not enough time, not liking my domain etc). Now, I am ready to take it on full time, third times the charm right?