Celebrate YOU in February ☆ Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Now that the holiday season is officially on cool down, it’s time to starting thinking about YOU! You’ve spent the last three months (maybe longer) focusing on everyone else. It’s exhausting trying to find the perfect gifts, having to plan dinners, arrange parties and the countless other things on holiday To-Do Lists. Now Mamas, it’s time for some much needed self indulgence!

I’m not alone in this feeling! My friends and fellow Moms Michelle from A Bustling Home and Betty from The Terrific Five, think it’s time to start splurging too.  To  help you celebrate we want to give you a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card to buy anything you want just for YOU!

As Moms it’s so easy to get caught up in the mind frame of “The kids need this” or “The house needs that”. Not this time! We want you to spoil yourself! Buy that frivolous item you’ve had your eye on, because you deserve it!

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Having a hard time thinking of things you’d want? Here’s what I’d buy with $50 just for ME:

A seriously cool color changing umbrella, just because I want it.

A set of Bear Paws so I can stop shredding my roasts with a fork

A set of Mermaid Pillow Cases because I want to run my fingers through the sequins

A Water Proof Notepad, I always get my best ideas in the shower

The Geeky Chef Cookbook, because the book cover makes it look fun!

The Lux Series by Jennifer Armentrout in paperback(already have them ALL on kindle) Best Freaking YA series ever!

And my ultimate vanity item.. A Wifi Smart Slow Cooker. I NEED this!

Michelle from A Bustling Home said she’d splurge on a Yankee Candle to see her full list go  here

Betty at The Terrific Five would spoil herself with a complete Silicone Baking set to see her full list go here

What are you going to spoil yourself with when you win? Let me know in the comments!

Celebrate YOU February With A $50 Amazon Gift Card



Win a $50 Amazon gift card in the celebrate you sweepstakes! Time for us Moms to splurge on ourselves. Enter the giveaway daily to increase your odds of winning. February 2017. Contest ends March 11 2017.



  1. Must say that waterproof note pad is pretty cool… and the sparkly pillow, but just for fun. Funny how when you become a mom everything is less about you and more about them… sometimes its good to remember we need to spend a little on ourselves.

    1. Yes! I am so bad about it. I have not bought one piece of clothing for myself since my first daughter was born.. 6 years ago. It’s crazy. This year I’ve decided that I need to focus some on me as well!

    1. It’s one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until you find it. I am always thinking in the shower.. practically they only quite time I get during the day.

  2. I am not a mom but, I would definitely use the pillow and the waterproof notepad those items are awesome. I love this Amazon Gift thing. Good luck to who ever wins. Great read. Yes, I agree that everyone needs to treat their self this entire month.

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