How To Organize Your Blogs Accounts ☆ Keep All Your Info In One Place

Account overload? Keep everything organized in one place! Free workbook to get you going. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or fresh out of the starting gate, one of your top priorities should be to keep your blog(s) accounts organized. There is a lot to keep up with.  Social media profiles, email marketing service, advertising accounts, affiliate accounts,  and the list goes on-and-on.

By organizing your info you can save a ton of time and stress down the road.

When I first started blogging, I was using an email draft to keep everything in order. I thought I was doing awesome, writing everything down, which usernames went with what, what password I used etc. Well, in less than a month I ended up with over 30 accounts for a variety of blog related things and the email-draft method just wasn’t working.

I needed something easier to navigate and using an excel workbook has been a time saver! I use mine everyday, multiples times a day.

Don’t Feel Like Making Your Own Workbook? Use Mine!

Because ya’ll are my favorite I’ll share with you a copy of my workbook.  It has 9 sheets with everything you’ll need to keep track of your accounts. Need post inspiration? It also includes 17 blog prompts ready to go on your “Post Idea” sheet.

Save time and keep your sanity:

As soon as you make an account document it. (Seriously as SOON as you make it, don’t even wait 5 mins)

  1. Copy the website URL
  2. Write Down the name of the Company
  3. Write down what it’s for (affiliate, social media management, etc)
  4. Write down your username and password
  5. If it’s a social media account/affiliate link copy your unique URL for quick reference for later use

Another quick tip is to make a folder(s) in your browser bookmarks(I use Chrome) specific to the websites you use. One for affiliates, social media, google etc. If you want you can do this on Pinterest too, I would keep the boards secret but, that’s up to you. It makes pulling up the crap you need really easy and it’s also time efficient.

Still not convinced you should organize? Read on..

Here’s the deal, If you’re anything like me, you spend a crap load of time researching blog tools, making the accounts and then forget about them. It’s a great way to waste your own time. Some accounts (affiliates etc.) only need to be checked monthly, it’s ridiculously easy to neglect them.

Plus, spending 15 minutes yelling at a log-in screen while you try to remember which password you used, is enough to make the sanest person throw a computer. Who doesn’t love seeing “Incorrect username or password please try again” .

Besides the fact that every company has their own set of password rules. “Password must contain three lower case letters, 2 numbers and a partridge in a pear tree.”

If that doesn’t convince you, you need to get your junk together. I don’t know what will!


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